I am often invited to moderate or speak at conferences or company meetings and institutional or promotional events.

The most commonly requested themes for my speeches include:

The challenges of doing business in the era of Industry 4.0 and Open Innovation

Is the service or product that you sell considered a commodity by your client? Turning it into a Solution such as a well-defined and rigorously implemented Corporate Strategy attracts the capital markets. The challenges for Corporate Governance: Do clients ask you for a less familiar governance and reports on your company’s attention to social and environmental issues? How companies should not view these requests as obligations to conform to, but make them become part of their business model and a marketing tool.

My book Napoleon the Communicator led to a series of speeches including:

Napoleon? Today he would be a start-up founder

The lessons of Napoleon for leaders of the Third Millennium

Communicating leadership, building consensus.

How does a leader build consensus? What is their relationship with collaborators? How can they combine charisma and team spirit? How do they use times and modes of communication to win military and political battles? How do they use iconography, images and cultural messages to increase their own personal power?

The campaigns and publications that I promoted with the Competere sustainable innovation think tank allowed me to go further in-depth on other themes that I am often asked to speak about. Since the publication of the book “The challenges of Smart Defence for a Safer Italy” I am asked to speak on:

The need for a strategic revision of defence and security at all levels of our country: more politics, more prevention, more reading of reality, more intelligence, more flexibility and interoperability How can we be safer by reorganising resources?

In what way can the “Smart Defence Initiative”, Nato’s most ambitious, and the projects of the European Defence Agency (EDA) contribute to the rationalising of resources and the capacity of member countries to respond in the best way to the dangers and challenges of international security?

The book “Fundraising and communication for politics”, for which I provided the foreword and the studies on Fundraising carried out by Competere and the Raise the Wind fundraising association let to a series of speeches on themes such as:

Fundraising and communication for politics. Can fundraising save cultural and social heritage?

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