“Roberto Race has surpassed himself, the controversy on presumed flexibility which is often nothing more than forced job insecurity, and the debate on liquid societies. Jeremy Rifkin wrote in his major success, “The Age of Access”, that property was destined for decline and that the key to modern society would increasingly be access to services (translated as rent in other words). Roberto seems to have converted Rifkin’s idea, adapting it to the world of work and transforming it into a company: Race Communication. To judge by his CV, the figure of professional-to-hire, in reality also formalised in many companies with the famous project contracts – has worked.”

Massimo Sideri from Corriere della Sera

“Journalist and guru of strategic business communication.”

Il Mattino

“One of the most qualified consultants in company strategy and communication for multinationals and small and medium-sized companies.”


Roberto Race, a journalist and consultant in communication and public affairs, has developed the first international network of ghostwriters for business executives, managers, diplomats, military officers and politicians, which today involves more than 40 professionals across the world. He launched the figure of the external relations and communications director “for hire”, proposing a management consulting service to his clients that involves working in close synergy with executive boards and commercial and financial directors of companies.

Il Sole 24 ore

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