Corporate Strategy

To support the Corporate Governance of medium-sized companies in the definition and implementation of Corporate Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility, with the aim of making companies increasingly ready to interact with the capital markets, we set up the role of Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), taking on its functions. As the Chief Strategy Officer, we work side by side with the chairman, the chief executive and the board in the development, implementation and communication of strategic initiatives.

Our activities include:

Supporting the board in the definition of strategic priorities and a strategic plan, monitoring its realisation and translating strategies into verifiable plans. Communicating and implementing corporate relations strategy with all the stakeholders, starting from employees and suppliers, current and prospective clients and representatives of the area (or country) in which the company operates.

Supporting the various business areas of the company to ensure that the product or service proposed to the market can increasingly become the Solution for the client, who in this way can see the company as a true partner and not just a supplier.

Supporting the board and the management in relations with organisations it is part of, starting from employers’ associations, and the relationship with people who work directly and indirectly with the company.

Supporting the company in ensuring that the requested changes take place for sustainable and long-term growth.

Helping the firm to understand through which specific ways, in the given context, new technologies and changes in the market can have an impact on growth in their company project.

In cases where the company is interested only in consulting services, we propose the figure of Strategy Adviser.

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