When considering the challenges facing companies today and consultants like me who support them, I start with three words:Environmental, Social and Governance.

ESG (an acronym of the three initials) is very much in fashion now in the world of finance. Assessing company policies regarding these three themes is the first necessary condition to attract investors. Increasing numbers of investment funds and corporate groups looking for interesting shareholdings are asking to know the positioning of a “target” company on the ESG chessboard to minimise their investment risk.

Now like never before, companies capable of interpreting change have an edge over others.

Let’s take a closer look at the current scenario. The international markets offer numerous opportunities. To take them, the growth of our firms is fundamental.

They need assets and capital. If our companies want to grow, they must make a jump in quality and gear up to access instruments that are suitable for their financial needs.

This is the direction that the Italian stock exchange’s Elite programme is heading in, offering support for private companies seeking to grow and attract capital. The Italian employers’ association Confindustria has played a key role in the construction of this project. I am convinced that it could be the display window for our companies, to draw in Italian and foreign institutional investors. And it is fundamental that firms are ready to be interesting and compliant for investors, open to external capital, and to highlight and appreciate their intangible assets.

Companies must tell their story increasingly with annual sustainability reports and accounts and increasingly less with catalogues of their own products. Once we spoke of the positioning of a company on the market. Today we are increasingly talking about the positioning of their products on the market because the company, more than positioning, has a Position. A Philosophy. And with Nomos, a consulting partner of mine, we aim to help that emerge and often we can build it.

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